Image by Caio Silva


The term Mixing refers to the art of equalizing and optimizing the volume, timbre and spatiality of the sounds of your song - in a word: mixing the different instruments to generate energy and emotion.

You know that song of yours? That's right, that one. If you tell us a little about "how do you want it to sound", do you want us to help you make it something special?

Elevate your music and leap forward!

You have a finished song, locked in a drawer.

You want to take it out and make the world hear it: great!


But are you really sure it's "finished"? Have you checked the dynamics? Do all instruments have their own space? Is it "wide" enough? Or is it "tight" where it is needed? Is it too bright? Too dark? Do the guitars cut through? Were the drums balanced? Does your 808 have that "oomph" and saturation that is needed?


If you've asked yourself any of the questions above but don't know the answers, you've come to the right place.

If you haven't but you keep reading... you still are in the right place, because these are the indeed right questions before releasing a single, an album, an EP. We can solve all this, and answer for you.


Additionally, if you are already a more established musician, we are here to offer you our professionalism and help you and your music to take that deserved leap forward.