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The term Mastering means the last procedure before the digital distribution (or the sale of physical media) of one or more musical pieces, aimed at giving them volume, dynamics and compatibility with the various streaming platforms and devices.

Have no idea what they're talking about when they tell you "loudness war", LUFS, dBFS or other arcane acronyms and names?

No problem, we'll take care of it!

Make your music competitive on all platforms!

You have a finished song, which sounds perfect. Maybe just because we helped you, or not, but in any case you are ready to upload it to Youtube or make it popular among TikTokers.


But are you really sure it is "competitive"?

If you are lucky enough to enter any playlist, maybe right after that artist you are inspired by... will you be able to stand the comparison in terms of volume, dynamics, energy?


And if one day you want to have printed vinyls or even old CDs or cassettes (yes, it's still a thing) that your most avid fans will ask you, will the tracks be at the right volume not to ruin the whole production process?


Ask yourself... and then ask us! We will look at it together.